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By accelerating the distribution of papers and completing full open access to them, we support everyone who is approaching an uncertain future.
Team Member
Sunao Tateno

CEO & Co-Founder

Kengo Shikama

CTO & Co-Founder

Yuzuki Mimura

Full-Stack Engineer

Tatsuya Sakata

Application Engineer

Atsutaka Odaira

Creative Director



Company Overview

Company Name

Onikle Inc. (former Lavild Ltd.)


CEO & Co-Founder Sunao Tateno

Company Address

Liaison and Cooperative Research Center Building,1-1-1 Tennodai, Ibaraki,Japan 305-8577




6,000,040 yen

Law Firm

Mr.Tomohiro Takahashi(AZX Professional Group)

Bank Account

Mizuho Bank, Ltd.


6 members(2021/1/4)

Onikle’s developers support the activities of researchers.

In the modern information society,

Open Science must become the standard to disrupt Traditional Research Industry.

We utilise technology to unveil the closed environment of the science community.

“Speed” develops science open and flat.