Preprint Platform Using AI

Thousands of new papers are shared among top researchers every day.

You cannot look through all of them.

Onikle is an arXiv with a better UIUX and AI recommendation feature.

Let the AI find you the right papers.

We will launch in

AI analytics fuel your research

A powerful tool that offers you paper updates so your knowledge is fresh every day.

Recommendation by AI

AI recommends the best papers based on the chronicles you make. Just relax and find useful papers.

Specializing in preprints

Onikle contains more than 300,000 latest papers from preprint servers such as arxiv. Catch up with innovative and most advanced trends.)

Find the latest trends of researcher around the world

Sharing the chronicles of papers with other researchers. Efficiently get papers, literature, and codes that top scientists usually refer to.

Best partner for researchers at the frontier





Follow collection of papers of other scientists so you can get updated to state-of-the-art or trending papers without searching by yourself. Share your collection of papers to create a community of specialist.

Onikle’s developers support the activities of researchers.

In the modern information society,

Open Science must become the standard to disrupt Traditional Research Industry.

We utilise technology to unveil the closed environment of the science community.

“Speed” develops science open and flat.